cover photo features someone wearing a zip-up jacket, fuzzy trapper hat, and goggles, left fingers placed thoughtfully on their chin while contemplating a luminous sparkler held in their right. © Matt Palmer


Hidden Powers (of Non-Magic People)

“We do not need Magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.” – J.K. Rowling






Module #1: Power of Faith

Module #2: Power of Hope

Module #3: Power of Courage

Module #4: Power of Love

Exam I + Bonus Work


Module #5: Power of Peace

Module #6: Power of Wisdom

Module #7: Power of Understanding

Module #8: Power of Familiarity

Exam II + Bonus Work


60 House Points are available every month (30 per Assignment + 30 per Extra Credit; then 60 during exams) for a maximum earning potential of 300 points a semester. An additional 30 “Bonus Points” will be up for grabs alongside the exam. These are supplemental, I am unable to award more than 300 points even if you’ve earned them.

For a passing grade (and Quill eligibility) you must accumulate a minimum of 150 points by any means in that semester.


Monarch of the Masses

submitted all assignments + exam

Magic-Free Magicianery

most inspiring

Made’ya Meep

most entertaining

Masterful Muggling

high point earner(s)

small square ‘medals’ (award images) feature a thumbnail sized version of the cover photo with a person contemplating their sparkler (“Monarch of the Masses”), then someone who’s blowing sparkling dust off their hands into the night (“Magic-Free Magicianery”), followed by a fire-breather casting flames up into the darkness (“Made’ya Meep”), and tiny golden stars scattered across an evening sky (“Masterful Muggling”).


++ Please Note: in accordance with official HOL School Timelines, NO EXTENSIONS are permitted past end of semester deadlines. “Muggle Studies: Hidden Powers” is a One Term ClassAny Assignment, Extra Credit, or Exam MUST be received by 11:59pm HOL-time on January 15th (for Fall), then June 15th (for Spring) in order to qualify for House Points or a Quill unless a minimal grace period has already been granted. ++

presented by Prof. Sindor Aloyarc