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Hidden Powers (of Non-Magic People)

“We do not need Magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.” – J.K. Rowling




Third Person / Limited / Present Tense

You will not be penalized for stepping outside of these guidelines, generally speaking or whenever you feel appropriate. However, you are encouraged to keep within this class preferred style as part of wearing a “uniform” so to speak, creating a level of group cohesion. At times you may find different styles make more sense to further the voice of your writing. I will leave it up to your discretion so long as you continue to follow standard HOL rules as outlined in the Code of Conduct and Handbook.


Storyteller narrative following events from outside

Write about yourself, not as yourself.

correct example: Sindor looks around and chuckles to himself.

incorrect: I look around and chuckle to myself.


Narrating from a single perspective.

Beyond the kind of exception listed below, this one actually is a steadfast rule that isn’t up for discussion. While you will have a great deal of creative license toward contribute to the atmosphere of our class discovering new situations and circumstances as we interact you are not Omniscient (all knowing). Write for yourself. Although I encourage you to use the “Yes, and!” approach by accepting what your peers offer up as a new and “true” part of the reality (i.e. to be played off of rather than ignored while we improvise our way forward together), I require that you DO NOT assume the words, thoughts, feelings, or actions, etc., of anybody else. This would be forcefully imposing your story onto them, utilizing their likeness unfairly, which is highly inappropriate.

correct example: Sindor looks around. He’s trying his best to work up a good scowl, but just can’t help chuckling to himself.

incorrect: Sindor looks around to find Harinthya is laughing at him, her eyes welling up with tears.

“You’re too much!” She says, and while he’s trying his best to work up a good scowl, Sindor just can’t help but chuckle along himself.**

** EXCEPTION: You are, of course, MORE than welcome to incorporate what someone else has ALREADY said or done into your story. If the hypothetical Harinthya had in fact previously written that she is laughing, eyes welling up, and verbalizing “You’re too much!” then it stands to reason you wouldn’t be ‘forcing her hand’ by using these points within your own narrative as you find suitable toward any storytelling needs.


Narrated in the Now

Write what is happening, not what has happened.

correct example: Sindor looks around and chuckles to himself.

incorrect: Sindor looked around and chuckled to himself.


++ Please Note: in accordance with official HOL School Timelines, NO EXTENSIONS are permitted past end of semester deadlines. “Muggle Studies: Hidden Powers” is a One Term ClassAny Assignment, Extra Credit, or Exam MUST be received by 11:59pm HOL-time on January 15th (for Fall), then June 15th (for Spring) in order to qualify for House Points or a Quill unless a minimal grace period has already been granted. ++

presented by Prof. Sindor Aloyarc